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Children eating a cup of chicken, rice and beans. 

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In 2005, I moved to Quimistan, Honduras (in the district of Santa Barbara). Where we started a humanitarian ministry feeding the children in the mountains. These children are “literally dying of starvation and malnutrition”.  Read one of our true stories on our blog page.

We set up the ministry as an ALL volunteer organisation. and absolutely NO monies are paid for staff, office supplies (all donated), or other expenditures that most ministries take off the top of donations. Some ministries take as much as 40% from donated funds.  Again, we take almost ZERO. All donated funds are used directly for the feeding of the children. The only other expenditures other than food, is for fuel for our pickup (and an occasional repair), for delivering the food to the children in the mountains.

We feed up to about 500 meals at a time, that does not mean that we have enough funds to feed every child that comes to us. The need is GREAT, but donations are never enough!

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Currently our ministry is centered in the area of Northwest Honduras, in the mountains just north of the towns of Quimistan and Penalajo, in the district of Santa Barbara.

Our goal is to serve healthy meals to children in need, primarily in the mountains. There the families live in clusters of shacks, with dirt floors, thatched roofs, with no electricity or running water. And yes that means that the toilet facilities is a small shack or just a scrap piece of tin roofing for privacy out back, usually with just a hole in the ground (no seat to sit upon).  These women may have to walk several miles to wash the families clothes in a stream, then carry the wet clothes back up hill to their homes, to hang them on whatever support they can find for them to dry. This area is in the dryer part of Honduras, as it only receives on average about 160″ of rain per year. All of that in the six month rainy season.  Some parts of Honduras receive over 300″ of rain per year.

We in the United States have no idea of what poverty really is. Most countries in the world do not have safety nets. If you don’t work, you don’t eat. Speaking of work, most men in the mountains even if they get a job for the day, it will normally only pay $1/day. Yes, that is not a misprint, that is one dollar per day. The women for the most part do not work outside of the home. Why you may ask? That is because the average woman in the mountains will have 9 children in her life time. Some many more.

It is a country of great contrast, extreme poverty, and areas of great wealth. Very beautiful scenery, and yet the creeks and rivers are full of garbage, as are the sides of the main highways.

And most people do not know that Honduras in now the #1 murder capital of the whole world. It is even more dangerous than Iraq or Afghanistan.  This is why in the last few years many of the missionaries have pulled out of the country, which only makes matters worse for the poor people. It is the missionaries and the good hearts and giving of the American people like you, that keep the poor from dying of starvation.

Will you help us feed the children?        Donate Here

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